Caroline Guitar CompanyParabola Solid State Tremolo Pedal


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Caroline Parabola Solid State Tremolo Pedal

Caroline Guitar Company's Parabola is an absolutely insane modulation pedal that pushes beyond tremolo into the realm of AM and FM effects. A Schaller TR-68-inspired transistor-based LFO offers everything from classic tremolo slosh to high-range switchable amplitude and frequency modulation effects. The Havoc parameter increases the depth and speed of the effect, and acts as a momentary means of injecting more colorful. Add that together with input and output drive sections and the result is an uncommonly broad range of tremolo tones that are sure to make the Parabola a staple of modulation sections on pedalboards from here to the astral plane.

Parabola Features

  • Perfect for classic tremolo and outer-space modulation
  • Schaller TR-68-based modulation, with hugely expanded range (both below and above)
  • LFO extends into audio range for extreme AM and FM effects (selectable via switch)
  • Input and output gain stage for boost and drive
  • Havoc control perfect for adding momentary bursts of speed and depth
  • Power: 9V DC Center-Negative or 9V Battery Operation
  • True Bypass
  • Rugged Construction
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