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Boredbrain Music Patchulator 8000 Balanced

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Boredbrain Patchulator 8000

The Patchulator 8000 8-Channel Mini Patchbay is Boredbrain's solution to pedalboard and desktop instrument/effects signal routing! With some recent upgrades, the Patchulator now patches all internal connections through a circuit board rather than wiring. All jacks are now balanced, or able to use stereo TRS cables, without any issues when still using classic TS cables. The locations of the jacks were adjusted slightly to accommodate for right angle cable connections. 

Patchulator 8000 Features

  • 8 1/4" balanced/stereo pairs of inputs and outputs
  • Mono cables still work fine
  • 3.5mm jacks to patch and re-route signals
  • No normaling or AC coupling (can pass CV signals)
  • Useful for pedal board effect re-routing
  • Useful for CV routing between pedals and synths
  • Comes with 8 green 3.5mm patch cables
  • Package weight: 1.25 pounds
Product Demo Videos
Patchulator 8000 Routing a TR-808 Through Effects
Using the Boredbrain Music Patchulator 8000 to route sounds from a Roland TR-808 drum machine to multiple effects. Effects used are the Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer spring reverb and filter, Sherman Filterbank 2 distortion dual filter, Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz and Walrus Audio Descent Reverb.
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