Blue LanternSyncussion Plus Percussion Voice


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Blue Lantern Syncussion Plus

Based around the highly sought-after Pearl drum synthesizer comes Blue Lantern's Syncussion Plus, a highly performable and designable percussion voice. While in some ways it deviates from its predecessor, the Syncussion Plus incorporates classic tones and shaping tools while adding flexibility and accessibility over their parameters. Syncussion Plus incorporates fantastically into your Eurorack system with a multitude of I/O for CV control as well as a Piezo input for triggering the unit via a drum pad, contact mic, or anything you'd like for dynamic percussion playback.

Where the original Syncussion had oscillator modes to select from, the Syncussion Plus offers tuning and mixing controls over two VCOs and a noise generator for sculpting the perfect timbre. The oscillators can follow a 1V/Oct pitch input for creating melodies and basslines, while the second VCO is tied to the first VCO's pitch with an offset via the Spread knob. Additionally, you have a Pop control to introduce an initial transient as well as a S&H function to dictate the pitch every trigger Syncussion Plus receives.

Blue Lantern's very gritty and clangy CMOS FX Processor Voice & FX Processor makes an appearance in the Syncussion Plus via the Shimmer section, sporting the same XOR RM oscillator setup with a few additions. On top of the fantastic Linear CMOS FM input, the Shimmer voice's pitch and amplitude can be sculpted with the pitch envelope as well as the S&H unit within the module. The Shimmer section is perfect for introducing clap, hat, and metallic-sounding timbres to your percussion.

For modulation purposes, we have the traditional LFO and pitch envelope setup, both of which can be customized depending on the routing. The LFO can go well into audio rate, and is mapped to influence VCO FM, square or triangle LFO, as well as the Shimmer's linear CMOS input, square LFO. Additionally, you have an amplitude/ring modulation dial that incorporates the triangle LFO with the VCA, and depending on where you have your VCA gain set to determine if it applies AM or RM. The pitch envelope acts like the original Syncussion in that you have control over which direction it sweeps, how much modulation is applied, and how long the sweep decays.

With a solid amount of sonic possibilities and highly modulatable features, internally and externally, the Syncussion Plus from Blue Lantern is a fantastic voice to add to your modular rack for an intense range of synthesized drum sounds.

Syncussion Plus Features

  • Percussion voice inspired by the Pearl Drums Syncussion
  • Trigger sensitivity control tied to pitch and amplitude
  • Configurable pitch envelope
  • Dual oscillator with Master tuning and pitch spread controls
  • Fine tune VCO 1 and select from triangle or square wave
  • White noise generator
  • Pop volume for transient click
  • Shimmer voice, based around an XOR ring modulation oscillator setup
  • Shimmer pitch and amplitude control via envelope and S&H depth
  • CMOS Linear FM depth via LFO
  • LFO has a wide frequency range - tied to pitch and AM/RM
  • 1V/Oct and dynamic trigger input
  • Piezo input for external control—trigger output dictated by piezo input
  • FM and AM inputs
  • FM input controlling LFO frequency
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 27hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 96mA @ +12V, 86mA @ -12V
Blue Lantern Syncussion Plus Percussion Voice Reviews