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Blue Lantern Stereo FX Send

Bring your pedals, desktop, and rackmount effect processors to the Eurorack world with Stereo FX Send by Blue Lantern, a Eurorack-to-Line-to-Eurorack converter with tons of control over each signal. Take your Eurorack signals and convert them down to line level for layers of distortion, compression, chorus, reverb, and what-have-you!

Stereo FX send features four independent sections: an input level control, send level (Euro to line level converter), return level (line to Eurorack level converter), and a final output level control section. Each of these sections features two channel jacks, and both the input and return channel have normalled input pairs, allowing easy access to dual mono or true stereo operation. Additionally, each section has a gain/level knob for control of each stage before it hits the final output. For quality integration between your live rigs or studio gear and your modular system, add Blue Lantern's Stereo FX Send to your case.

Stereo FX Send Features

  • FX Loop for external gear
  • Pairs well with pedals and line-level processors
  • Mono or stereo Eurorack-level inputs and outputs
  • Mono or Stereo line-level send and return
  • Gain/Level control per stage
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