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Blue Lantern Spacemoth V3 Eurorack Filter

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Blue Lantern Spacemoth V3

The Blue Lantern Spacemoth V3 module is inspired by the legendary MS-20 filter, notable for its characteristic transition from calm to screeching. An internal diode daisy chain causes the signal to flutter when the resonance is cranked. Three trimmers on the back of the module allow for the precise adjustment of the filter, allowing users to tame or unleash its sonic prowess. 

Spacemoth V3 Features

  • Toggle Switch between HP and LP filter cutoff. 
  • Audio input and output with both 1/8th inch and 1/4th inch options. 
  • Sub-harmonic generator and wavefolder options allow for complex timbre. 
  • Volume knobs for audio level, sub-harmonic level, 'charm" wavefolds, and mod input.
  • Freq Mod input with bi-polar attenuverter.
  • PCB trim knobs for style controls. 
  • Eurorack Module
  • 10 HP
  • Standard 12v Eurorack Power
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