Blue Lantern Poly Phobos 4 Polyphonic VCO

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Blue Lantern Poly Phobos 4

Blue Lantern's Poly Phobos 4 features four analog saw-core VCOs in just 24HP! Polyphonic patching has never been easier! One set of controls drives the module's four internal VCOs, meaning users can quickly impose meaningful changes to the oscillator orientation. Also, the FM capabilities are simply out of this world!

Poly Phobos 4 Features

  • Four true analog VCOs
  • Saw-core VCOs
  • Polyphonic sync control
  • Analog FM capabilities without any aliasing
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 24HP

Current Draw:

  • Cable 1: 92mA@+12V; 72mA@-12V
  • Cable 2: 105mA@+12V; 92mA@-12V
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