Blue LanternPhaze 4 Daze Phaser


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Blue Lantern Phaze 4 Daze

As you might guess by the name, Phase 4 Daze is a truly incredible phase shifter by Blue Lantern, inspired by the Farfisa polychrome phaser. The audio input features a bit of gain, so you can either boost line-level signals for processing or dirty up a modular-level signal. From there, the phaser features manual phase and feedback controls, plus CV inputs and attenuators for each. Phase shifters are typically paired with LFOs, and Blue Lantern has packed in a specialized design for phasers such as this. You can select between triangle and sinus spike shapes, as well as various speed ranges: slow, norm and hyper (audio rate). Not just for guitars or keyboards, phase shifters can be a powerful sound design tool in modular synthesizers, and Phaze 4 Daze provides plenty of options for you to craft sounds as you like.

Phaze 4 Daze Features

  • Farfias-inspired phase shifter
  • Input gain control
  • Phase control + CV input and attenuator
  • VCLFO with triangle and sinus spike waveshapes
  • Phaser feedback contorl + CV
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 48mA @ +12V, 48mA @ -12V
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