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Blue LanternMini FM Joystick (Black)


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Blue Lantern Mini FM Joystick

The Blue Lantern Mini FM Joystick is a tiny module that offers a ton of control. Using a game controller-style joystick, this module is capable of producing voltage offsets for X and Y position, as well as gate output when the joystick is pressed. The two inputs allow for use as a pressable "thru," allowing signals to pass when the joystick is pushed.

Mini FM Joystick Features

  • Video game controller-style Eurorack control module
  • X and Y offset outputs for manual voltage control
  • Produces gate output when pressed
  • Allows for "gating" of external signals when joystick is pushed


  • Eurorack Module
  • 6HP Width
  • 8mA @ 12V ; 4 mA @ -12V
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