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Blue Lantern Lunar Modulation Center VCO - 18HP (Black)

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Blue Lantern Lunar Modulation Center VCO

The Lunar Modulation Center VCO, by Blue Lantern, is a triangle-core oscillator inspired by the Buchla Complex VCO. The oscillator can be switched between VCO and LFO modes, utilizes modern SMT transistors, and features an onboard VCA specifically for delayed modulation techniques. In terms of waveforms, the module boasts three variable shape outputs, two saw outputs, and a single pulse output. There are also two FM inputs: one is exponential/logarithmic while the other is linear. 

Lunar Modulation Center VCO Features

  • Rate knob
  • Fine rate knob
  • Bi-polar FM level knob
  • Sync knob
  • Lin knob
  • Delay knob
  • Lag knob
  • 3 variable shape outputs with shape knobs
  • x2 Saw output
  • Pulse output
  • LFO/VCO switch
  • FM AC/DC switch
  • Gate/Lag switch
  • Sin/Tri switch
  • Vib output
  • Trig input
  • Gate input
  • Sync input
  • PCV input
  • Lin FM input
  • FM input (Expo/Log)


  • Eurorack Module
  • 18 HP Wide
  • Roughly 3.8 cm deep
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