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Blue LanternLM4250 Sour VCF 2016 Re-release


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Blue Lantern LM4250

The LM4250 Sour VCF, by Blue Lantern, was inspired by the infamous Polivoks VCF, albeit with some additional circuitry not featured in the original. Unlike its predecessor, the module uses LM4250 IC op amps and contains a bright/dark switch for timbres akin to those produced by a decimator. A switchable internal diode limiter allows users to achieve acutely high resonance—and considering what the original is capable of, that’s saying something!

LM4250 Features

  • Based on the classic Polivoks VCF
  • Brite and Dark switch 
  • Diode limiter allowing for extreme resonance 
  • Controls for Cutoff, Rez, Bi-polar FM modulation, and Audio Input level
  • (2) CV direct inputs
  • FM input
  • Audio input
  • Low pass filter output 
  • band Pass filter output
  • width:6hp
  • current: 9mA, -9mA
  • depth: 1.5 inches
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