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Blue LanternHPA FXSND FX Send / Return


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Blue Lantern HPA FXSND

The HPA FXSND FX Send/Return module converts a Eurorack-format mono signal into a stereo signal with dedicated line-level outputs. Several level controls allow for precise tuning of the overall volume, and a headphone jack makes it easy to monitor the signal when nothing is patched into the output.

HPA FXSND Features

  • Converts Euro synth signal into line level stereo channels¬†
  • Send and return for external stereo fx unit
  • Level control for send and return
  • Master knobs for final line level output control
  • Functions as a headphone monitor (master knobs adjust headphone levels)
  • Width: 7hp
  • Depth: 2.5 inches
  • Current: 20mA, -20mA
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