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Blue LanternDwarf Star NZ


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Blue Lantern Dwarf Star NZ

Blue Lantern’s Dwarf Star NZ utilizes CMOS-based SRs to construct random noise. It features a frequency knob for manually sweeping from classic arcade-style noise to hi-frequency white noise. Further sculpting is possible via integrated high pass filter. But that’s not all, as the module’s lower portion features its own offset circuit that is perfect for utility demands.

Dwarf Star NZ Features

  • Features noise circuit and offset circuit
  • CV input for remote control of noise range
  • Frequency and highpass filter knobs for manual manipulation
  • Offset circuit features dedicated knob for manual control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 51mm
  • Current Draw: 7mA@+12V; 3mA@-12V
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