BehringerTD-3 Analog Bass Synthesizer (Red)

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Behringer TD-3

Bring the sounds of 90's acid house to your studio with the Behringer TD-3. The TD-3 features a distinctive diode-ladder filter with howling resonance, plus a built-in distortion to add even more grit. The TD-3's analog VCO has square and ramp waveforms and pitch control.

Patterns can be created using the on-board sequencer, or with Behringer's Synth Tool that allows you to easily create and import sequences and patterns. The TD-3 has seven sequencer tracks, each with up to 250 user patterns. Patterns are comprised of sequences of up to 16 steps that can be chained together into longer compositions. The pitch and timing of notes are edited separately, with the option of note tie, rest, or 16th note. Notes can also be accented, transposed up or down, or have slide applied to them. Rhythms can also be tapped in manually and patterns can be generated randomly on the fly. Run external audio through the filter using the input. Sequence external gear using the CV and gate outputs, or sync the TD-3 to external clock signals using the sync input. There is also MIDI in and out/through as well as USB that can be used with Synth Tool. Up to 16 TD-3s can be linked together using Behringer's Polychain mode, for up to 16-voice polyphony. This bass synthesizer brings classic sounds to your setup without breaking the bank.

TD-3 Features

  • Analog bass synthesizer
  • Analog VCO with square and saw waves
  • Analog VCA
  • Analog diode-ladder VCF
  • Seven sequencer tracks with up to 250 user patterns
  • Edit sequences using Behringer's Synth Tools
  • Sync and filter inputs
  • CV and gate outputs
  • Polychain up to 16 units for polyphonic playing
  • MIDI in and out/through
  • TBD
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