BehringerTD-3 Analog Bass Synthesizer (Black)

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Behringer TD-3

Back in black, all you goths get ready to rave—the TD-3 from Behringer brings the sound of acid house to a new generation with this bass synthesizer. The analog VCO features selectable waveform with both pulse and ramp waveforms. This is processed by the four-pole filter. This diode ladder filter provides a great deal of character. Its howling resonance helps define the signature sound of acid. Plus, as an added bonus, Behringer has added a distortion circuit to further shape and mutate your bass lines.

Both a sequencer and arpeggiator are available for melodic sequencing. The sequencer allows notes and timing information to be entered separately, allowing for variations on a single melody with different timings. Notes in the sequence can be transposed, accented, or have slide applied to them. Sequences can be between two and 16 steps long. There are seven groups that patterns can be saved in and up to 250 patterns can be saved and recalled. The sequencer also has CV and gate outputs and a sync input which can be used to interface with external modular or semi-modular devices. Additionally, external audio can be ran through the filter for processing. The TD-3 can also be connected to MIDI gear over 5-pin DIN MIDI with both input and out/thru or using the USB connector. This portable and powerful bass synthesizer brings its own special character to your studio and beyond.

TD-3 Features

  • Analog bass synthesizer
  • VCO with ramp and pulse waveforms
  • Analog four-pole diode ladder filter
  • Arpeggiator
  • 16-step sequencer
  • 7 tracks with up to 250 patterns
  • CV and gate output
  • Sync input
  • MIDI in and out/thru
  • Headphone output
  • Distortion
  • External audio input
  • Polychain up to 16 units together
  • Behringer Synth Tool companion app
  • 9V DC power (included)
  • 2.2 x 12 x 6.5"/56 x 304 x 165mm
  • 1.8lbs/.81kg
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