BehringerPX3000 Ultrapatch Pro 1/4" Patchbay

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Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro

The PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro is a configurable passive patchbay for routing signals in a studio while minimizing clutter. It features fully balanced patch points with Normal, Thru, and Half-Normal switches for each of its 24 discrete channels, all housed in a durable metal enclosure.

PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro Features

  • Passive balanced patch bay
  • Thru, Normal, and Half Normal modes per channel
  • Easy-access switches
  • Straightforward routing diagrams on unit
  • Compatible with TRS and TS 1/4" cables
  • 19" Width
  • Height: 1U
  • Fully passive design
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