BASTL InstrumentsThyme Robot-Operated Digital Tape Machine


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Bastl Thyme

Thyme, from Bastl, is a desktop effects processor often described as a "robot-operated tape machine". It provides a wealth of effects intended to assist users in exploring the boundless depths of time-based effects processing—in stereo!

Thyme features nine parameters, all with a dedicated "Robot" (i.e., modulation source) that can be phased in different ways for the left and right channels. This capability makes the Thyme perfect for the creation of unabashedly psychedelic sonic effects and perfect for those kaleidoscopic desert ventures.

The Robot itself can be oriented in a variety of ways: as a multi-shape LFO, external CV source, or even an envelope follower. Users can access all of these features and more via the unit's front panel interface, which provides eight buttons (for preset selection) and a meta-sequencer. The sequencer, Robots, and delay effect can be synchornized via internal or external clock source. Beyond that, the unit features MIDI and CV capabilities, a switchable mono/stereo input, stereo output, level controls, and a footswitch input.

Thyme Features

  • Analog Input Gain knob up to +20dB
  • 9 parameters: Tape Speed, Delay Coarse & Fine, Feedback, Filter, extra heads Spacing and Levels, Dry Wet Mix and Volume
  • Each parameter has a dedicated modulation source called the Robot
  • Each Robot is a powerful modulation source: LFO, envelope follower, external CV
  • Freeze button reconfigures the signal flow to create tape loops
  • Link button compensates the change in Delay time caused by adjusting the Tape Speed
  • Tap tempo
  • Internal or external clock for synchronising Delay, Robot or Sequencer
  • 8 presets organized in 8 banks (64 presets)
  • 32 step sequencer with 4 patterns for sequencing presets
  • sSitchable stereo/mono input
  • Stereo output
  • Stereo headphone output with volume knob
  • MIDI Input and Output
  • Analog Clock Input
  • CV input 0-5V (volt per octave for Tape Speed and Delay Time)
  • Footswitch jack for bypass
  • Hi-fi audio quality
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  • Desktop effects processor
Product Demo Videos
Microvolt 3900 Through Thyme Delay
We wanted to test out the new Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 and the Bastl Thyme, so we figured we should make a video with both of them together. The Microvolt 3900 is a semi-modular synthesizer with a single oscillator, wavefolder, filter and VCA with dynamic response, as well as an LFO, function generator and ADSR for modulation. The Bastl Thyme is a digital delay which isn't a tape emulation, but is modeled after a tape delay, a kind of digital tape. The Thyme also has "robots" which can modulate many of the settings on the machine.

Thyme available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/bastl-thyme.html
Microvolt 3900 available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/pittsburgh-modular-microvolt-3900.html
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