BASTL InstrumentsQuattro Figaro Quad VCA Mixer (Aluminum)



The Quattro Figaro by Bastl Instruments is a four-channel VCA with per-channel gain knobs, CV inversion and various mix outputs. CV above 6V undergoes a raunchy non-linear compression process as a result of the module’s VCA chip, and the module’s internal routing enables use as a crossfader/panner. Additionally, the module’s multiple mix outputs mean it can be used as a voltage-controlled mixer, with the option of outputting a normal or inverted signal.


  • 4 channel VCA 
  • CV attenuator per channel 
  • Gain knob per channel 
  • Each CV input has inverted CV output 
  • Mixed outputs -(A+C), -(B+D), A+B+C+D, -(A+B+C+D) 
  • Internally routed CVs and signals via connector switches (for easy panning /crossfading setup) 
  • Handmade in Brno, Czech republic 
  • Aluminum front panel, handmade custom knobs
  • 10 HP 
  • 35mm deep (skiff friendly) 
  • current +12 < 40 mA, -12 < 35 mA 
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 16 pin power connector
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