BASTL InstrumentsSkis II Dual Envelope/VCA


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BASTL Instruments Skis II

The Bastl Instruments Skis II is a magnificent update to their previous dual envelope/VCA module. The Skis II is a dual decay envelope with a dual VCA at the end of the signal path. This is very useful for percussive sounds, as the module features a trigger input that is perfect for gates.

It also should be noted that Skis II features exponential envelopes that can easily behave in both AD and AR modes.This is unlocked through a release mode jumper positioned on the back of the PCB. This makes the Bastl Skis II a highly versatile Envelope/VCA module in a minimal 5 HP.

Skis II Features

  • Dual Envelope/VCA
  • LED indicates envelope behavior
  • Exponential envelopes and linear VCAs
  • Solder Jumpers for the adventurous
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 5hp
  • Depth: 24mm Depth
  • Current draw: Current Draw: 40mA @ +12, 35mA @ -12
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