BASTL InstrumentsDynamo Utility Module (Aluminum)


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Dynamo by Bastl Instruments is a three-section utility module comprised of an envelope follower, comparator, and voltage-controlled switch. The module extracts gates from envelopes using a combination of its first two sections, with the option to send the signal through a full-wave rectifier. There’s also an onboard compressor just waiting to be routed to the CV input of any external VCA or VCF!

The module is also capable of pseudo-thru-zero modulation under: simply use the full-wave rectifier in combination with the comparator and controlled switch. Best of all, Dynamo ensures this effect is able to be manipulated remotely via CV.

This version of the Dynamo features an ALUMINUM faceplate. 


  • 5HP
  • Two passively connected Envelope Follower inputs (multiple)
  • Inverted and non-inverted Envelope Follower Output
  • Full-wave Rectifier Output |EF IN|
  • Compressor CV Output with indication LED (only negative voltage when envelope is greater than the threshold)
  • THR-EF output is similar to compressor CV but can go to positive voltages – it tilts the whole Compressor dynamics curve (not only the part above threshold)
  • Selectable Envelope Follower Release time (Short, Mid, Long)
  • Output of Envelope Follower is normalised to Comparator Input
  • Comparator with Threshold knob, Threshold CV, Input and Output
  • Output of Comparator is normalised to the Gate of VCS
  • Voltage Controllable Switch is bi-directional (non-buffered) A or B switch
  • VCS Gate threshold is around 1.5 volts
  • On high gate the B signal is connected with A or B connector (otherwise it is A)
  • Signal on A is inverted and normalized to B (easily achieve bi-polar VCA emulation or other waveshaping)
  • Aluminum front panel 
  • 5HP width 
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10pin power connector 
  • 35mm deep 
  • Current consumption: +12V: <30mA, -12V: <35 mA
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