BASTL Instruments bitRanger Analog Logic Computer

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Bastl bitRanger

The bitRanger by Bastl Instruments is an analog logic computer with 118 patch points that allow for nearly-limitless control potential. The synthesizer is capable of producing a varied range of sounds, everything from booming drones to shimmering arpeggios. Because of the synthesizer’s patch bay, it can be used in tandem with other gear, including Eurorack modules. In addition to affording CV control over the synthesizer’s own sound, the patch bay enables it to trigger external drum machines and sequencers, or be used as a CV/Gate sequencer.

bitRanger Features

  • LFO clock oscillator for rhytmical modulation
  • VCO oscillator is synced to the HFO oscillator
  • 4 modes of operation selectable by 2 switches
  • built in speaker with volume control
  • 9V DC center positive power supply input
  • 9V battery compartment from the bottom
  • <20mA power draw on headphones, <60mA with speaker (minimum 20 hours on battery)
  • On /Off switch
  • expansion connector
  • package includes 3 photo resistors – make your oscillators respond to light by plugging these into the Bend socket
  • 118 jumper cable patch points
  • Each oscillator has 3 differently slewed CV inputs, sync inputs, rate knob and bend points
  • Divider Bits section – use clocks at different speed to create patterns
  • Adventure Bits section adds irregular rhytmical elements
  • MUX 1 and MUX 2 input sections to modulate data loops and waveforms
  • Stereophonic output from MUX 1 and MUX2 sections
  • BYTE CV section is R2R DAC converter which takes bits and converts them to CV
  • DATA modulation section witch a switch adds more flavour
  • Utility Belt section adds advanced features
  • Left and Right audio override section
  • 3.5mm stereophonic headphone output
  • Clock Input to sync the LFO oscillator
  • Clock Output with selectable LFO division (2 or 32)
  • CV Output from the BYTE DAC section
  • CV Input for the VCO
  • CV In and CV Out connectors can be routed to dedicated patch points on the patchbay
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