Bart Hopkin Yuri Landman Nice Noise Paperback

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Bart Hopkin/Yuri Landman Nice Noise

Nice Noise is a fantastic book from the veteran experimental instrument designers Bart Hopkin and Yuri Landman. It provides thorough documentation of techniques for modifications and preparations of guitars. Full of detailed imagery, the book offers an in-depth study of how to extract new, surprising, and unconventional sounds from one of the most popular instruments ever created. Authors primarily focus on ways of physically modifying the instrument, mostly temporarily although there are a few examples of permanent alterations. Nice Noise is also supplemented with plenty of audio examples that can be freely accessed here.

Nice Noise Features

  • Authors: Yuri Landman + Bart Hopkin
  • 8.8 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches
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