Avantone ProCLA-10A Active Studio Monitors (Pair)


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Avantone Pro CLA-10A

The Avantone Pro CLA-10A pair is a perfect way to add critical, coldly honest monitoring into your life with an easier setup than ever before. Directly modeled on the Yamaha NS-10M, CLA-10A is a powered set of some of the most useful monitors ever. With an accented mid range and limited low-frequency extension, CLA-10A provides the same harsh, honest response that have made the classic Yamaha design so highly valued.

Designed for brutal honesty, these monitors emulate the behavior of mid-heavy listening environments like car stereos, home stereo systems, earbuds, and more—and if you can tame your mix on these, it will sound perfect virtually anywhere. Designed by painstakingly reverse engineering the classic, these monitors reproduce their performance and offer updated high-quality internal components sure to help them last.

Of course, the biggest difference between these and a classic set of NS-10s is the integrated power amplifiers. No need for an external reference amplifier—simply plug in your interface and you're good to go. The integrated Class A/B amps provide clean sonic translation with minimal distortion...and while this design definitely adds some weight, it's well worth the difference in performance.

If you need to scrutinize every last detail of your mix, these are the monitors for you.

CLA-10A Features

  • Active studio monitor pair based on the classic Yamaha NS10
  • Integrated class A/B amplifiers for high-grade studio performance
  • Variable tissue paper control for emulating the behavior of Vertical and Horizontal NS10 models
  • Integrated linear PSU for clean, consistent performance (well worth the weight)
  • 200W RMS performance
  • The sound of some of the best monitors of all time in a more convenient package than ever before
  • Frequency response: 60Hz–20kHz
  • SPL: 104dB
  • Amplifier: 200W Class A/B
  • Inputs: Combo XLR-1/4", RCA
  • Dimensions: 381.5 x 215 x 197.5mm ea.
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