Avantone ProCLA-10 Passive Studio Monitors (Pair)


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Avantone Pro CLA-10

Avantone Pro's CLA-10 passive studio monitors are a direct reconstruction of some of the most important studio monitors of all time: Yamaha's NS-10Ms. Providing the same clear, unforgiving, mid-heavy sound as the original, the CLA-10s are a sure way to expose critical flaws in your mix. With mid-range accentuation and limited bass extension similar to common listening environments (home stereos, car speakers, earbuds, and smartphones), the CLA-10s provide a realistic and unforgiving way of keeping your mix in check.

Painstakingly recreated from the specifications of the original, CLA-10 is a meticulous reconstruction of one of the most useful studio monitors of all time. With drivers reverse engineered from Yamaha's classic design and high-quality components throughout, CLA-10 is a perfect fit in any critical mixing environment.

The CLA-10s are passive, requiring an external power amp such as Avantone's CLA-200.

CLA-10 Features

  • Passive studio monitor pair based on the iconic Yamaha NS10Ms
  • Designed in conjunction with Chris Lord Alge
  • MDF cabinet with real wood veneer
  • Higher-spec reimagining of the original NS10M design
  • Avantone AV10MHF and AV10MLF drivers on board
  • Passive design true to the originals
  • Frequency response: 60Hz–20kHz
  • SPL: 90W
  • Power capacity: Program 60W, Max 120W
  • Dimensions: 381.5 x 215 x 197.5mm ea.
Avantone Pro CLA-10 Passive Studio Monitors (Pair) Reviews