Avantone ProCK-40 Stereo Multi-Pattern FET Condenser Microphone


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Avantone Pro CK-40

The CK-40 from Avantone Pro is a stereo large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone that provides access to an astounding range of recording techniques. With a rotatable capsule and independent per-capsule access to different polar patterns, it's great for everything from classic X/Y to M/S and Blumlein stereo techniques and beyond.

Each of the CK-40's coincident capsules allows you to select its polar pattern, with options for omni, bidirectional (figure-8), and cardioid patterns. The upper capsule can freely rotate up to 90 degrees from the lower capsule (with a handy rotation gauge built onto the nickel trim itself), making it easy to quickly and accurately set up for a huge range of stereo recording configurations. This makes it great for a huge range of tasks, from room miking and ensemble recording to group vocals, piano miking, and much more. The integrated 10dB pad and 80Hz roll-off filter further fine tune its response.

This stereo mic has a 5-pin XLR output, which connects via the included 5-pin cable to a 1x2 splitter box for the left and right XLR channels, respectively. These plus the included foam wind filter, custom retro shockmount, and included mic box/carrying case make the Avantone Pro CK-40 a remarkable value for any studio or live recording setup.

CK-40 Features

  • True stereo multi-pattern FET microphone
  • Reproduces the performance of high-end stereo FET mics at a fraction the price
  • Great for use as a room mic, piano mic, group vocal mic, and more
  • Two coincident capsules in tight proximity
  • Top capsule rotates up to 90 degrees for accommodating a wide range of stereo techniques
  • Independent polar pattern selection per capsule (Omni, bidirectional, cardioid) for a wide range of stereo recording arrays
  • Integrated 10dB pad and 80Hz LF roll off filter
  • Includes 30-foot 5-pin cable and stereo splitter box
  • Includes padded wooden mic box, foam wind filter, and aluminum storage/travel case
  • Mic type: Stereo condenser
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid/Omni/Figure-8
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Max SPL: 147dB
  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 49mm
Avantone Pro CK-40 Stereo Multi-Pattern FET Condenser Microphone Reviews