Avantone ProAV10 MLF Low Frequency Driver


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Avantone Pro AV10 MLF

Modeled directly after the low frequency driver of the Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors, the Avantone Pro AV10 MLF driver is a great replacement part for your NS10s, or a great building block for your home-made monitoring setup. A painstaking recreation of the performance of the original much-loved driver, the AV10 MLF provides identical voicing and performance, keeping your perspective of your mix clear and reliable. Its bolt-in design makes it easy to install without cabinet modifications, and its updated design is fully RoHS compliant.

Note: the AV10 MLF is sold individually; order two if you're looking to replace a stereo set of drivers!

AV10 MLF Features

  • Replacement low frequency driver inspired by the classic Yamaha NS10M design
  • Physically identical to the original design
  • Bolt-in, hassle-free installation
  • Updated for RoHS compliance
  • MLF driver for CLA-200, NS10M, and similar speakers
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