ArturiaMiniBrute 2S Synthesizer

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Arturia MiniBrute 2S

The MiniBrute 2S is an intersection of the most desirable aspects of analog synthesizers, step-sequencing, and semi-modular engineering. It features a straightforward user interface, with all parameters clearly indicated and ergonomically configured. Functionally, MiniBrute 2 features a 3-track multi-pattern step sequencer, expanded patchbay, and an arpeggiator—all of which render it ideal for live performance in addition to studio duties.

Rather than a traditional keyboard, as featured on the MiniBrute 2, the 2S opts for an advanced sequencer section that lets users record up to 64 steps with two additional layers of parameter control (which feature multiple modes). Of course, all of this can be edited on-the-fly, compounding the 2S's usefulness in a performance environment. This section is controlled by 16 pressure and velocity sensitive pads, which can be configured to behave like a keyboard or sequence editor. Additionally, the corresponding encoders can be used to edit target values for each step.

MiniBrute 2S Features

  • Analog synthesizer
  • 2 analog VCOs
  • White noise generator
  • 12dB/Oct Steiner Parker Filter
  • Dual LFOs
  • 1 AD envelope and 1 ADSR envelope
  • 48-point CV and Gate patchbay
  • 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads
  • 16 encoders
  • 64 sequence memories, including modulation sequencing!
  • MIDI and USB I/O
  • Includes power cord
  • Weight: 7.7lbs
  • Product Demo Videos
    Arturia MiniBrute 2S With 3U RackBrute Of Eurorack Jam
    This video shows a quick jam with the Arturia MiniBrute 2S and the RackBrute 3U which connects to the MiniBrute 2S with its included stand. The 2S has a powerful sequencer which is being used to sequence the MiniBrute and some of the eurorack modules as well as clocking the Varigate 4+ which is adding more sequencing to the modular. The eurorack modular is producing all of the drum sounds with Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Chimera, Pico Drums, Entity Percussion Synthesizer, and Mysteron. A Sinc Iter adds an extra oscillator and a Pico Dsp is used for delay.
    Arturia MiniBrute 2S Synthesizer Reviews