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ArturiaKeyLab 49 Essential MIDI Keyboard Controller


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Arturia KeyLab 49

Arturia's KeyLab 49 is a powerful MIDI controller optimized for a creative hands-on experience. The controller features a 49-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch and over 5000 TAE presets. The controller allows unprecedented access to Arturia's Analog Lab software, with pre-assigned controls for maximum efficiency. Simply connect the keyboard to a DAW and instantly control all crucial parameters of the software. But the possibilities do not end there: the KeyLab can also be used as a universal MIDI controller for any third party software or hardware.

In addition to the unit's huge sound library, the KeyLab features a handy MultiMode that allows several sounds to be played at once with additional options to apply effects, layer/split functionality, and chord mode—all with the convenience of a drag-and-drop workflow. The KeyLab also features a handy Live Mode, which enable users to save sounds and multis as presets for quick recall during a performance.

This is the 49-note version of the KeyLab.

Keylab 49 Features

  • Analog Lab 2 - A collection of over 5,000 keyboard presets taken from the award-winning V Collection, powered by Arturia's exclusive TAE¬Æ technology
  • Ableton Live Lite - An introduction to the world of Ableton Live, a high-powered software suiteused by top producers, DJs, performers, and remixers all around the world
  • UVI Grand Piano Model D - Straight from the world's greatest concert halls and recording studio
  • 49 velocity sensitive keyboard
  • Pitch bend & modulation wheels
  • Transposition by semitones & octaves
  • MCU / HUI compliant for comprehensive DAW integration
  • 8 RGB back-lit, multi-purpose performance pads
  • 9 faders & rotary encoders
  • DAW Command Center & transport section
  • 1 DAW-assigned memory (mapping for knobs & faders to control panning and level of tracks)
  • 1 Analog Lab-assigned memory (mapping for knobs & faders to control essential parameters in Arturia
  • instruments)
  • 6 fully-customizable user memories
  • Chord play mode
  • Twin-line LCD screen
  • Class-compliant USB, enabling use with iOS and Android devices
  • Comprehensive music software bundle included
  • Optional sustain pedal and DC power supply
Arturia KeyLab 49 Essential MIDI Keyboard Controller Reviews