Antelope AudioZen Q Synergy Core USB Audio Interface


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Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core USB

Bring powerful DSP and FPGA audio processing with exquisite hardware to your studio by using the bus-powered ZEN Q USB audio interface from Antelope Audio. Featuring four inputs and outputs, two headphone outputs with independent volume controls, and SPDIF/ADAT expandability, you can be sure this interface can grow or integrate into any studio size. With an Antelope Audio interface you always get exceptional analog/digital converters using their 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking.

On-board processing power makes it easy to build rich sounds and frees up your computer's integrated CPU ensuring little-if-any power strains. A collection of 37 DSP-powered plugins is included and a full library of authentic hardware-modeled effects are available from their website. Antelope's robust routing software lets you have real-time signal busses that lets you feel like you are patching in a well-appointed studio. Since you are not tethered to a power supply, the Zen Q is amazing for remote recording, or to do a little mixing out of the studio.

The hardware boasts an impressive amount of flexibility with two inputs being combo-jacks that use console-grade discrete ultra-linear preamps, 127dB of headroom for the converters, and two DC-coupled line outs, so you can easily integrate computer-based CV tools into your Eurorack setup. The ZEN Q USB from Antelope Audio is a great choice for small spaces that want a professional sound with great options to expand later, or to just have a reliable portable interface.

Zen Q Synergy Core USB Features

  • USB C audio interface
  • Contains renowned Antelope Audio AD/DA converters
  • 64-bit AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology
  • Two Discrete preamps that work with XLR or 1/4" inputs
  • Two 1/4" TRS inputs for instruments or line level sources
  • Two DC-coupled line outputs
  • Expandable with ADAT optical input and S/PDIF ins and outs
  • Bus powered via USB connection
  • Includes 37 Synergy Core Effects
  • Compatible with Antelope's Edge modeling microphone series
  • Power: USC-C Bus powered
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.4 x 2.3 in (198 х 137 х 57.5 mm)
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs (800g)
  • Sample Rates (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
  • Inputs: 2 × Mic / Line Inputs / Hi-Z Inputs, 2 x Line inputs / Hi-Z Inputs
  • Outputs: 1 × Monitor Out on TRS 1/4 Jacks, +20 dBu max, signal balanced, DC-coupled, 1 × Line Out on TRS 1/4 Jacks, +20 dBu max, signal balanced, DC-coupled, 2 × Stereo Headphone Outputs
  • D/A Monitor Converter: Dynamic Range, 127 dB (A-Weighed)
  • A/D Converter: Dynamic Range, 122 dB
  • Digital Inputs: 1 × S/PDIF, 1 x ADAT IN (up to 8 channels @44.1/48.0)
  • Digital Outputs: 1 × S/PDIF
Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core USB Audio Interface Reviews