Perfect CircuitAndrew Huang System

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Perfect Circuit Andrew Huang System

The Andrew Huang System is comprised of some of our favorite Eurorack modules, assembled in an Intellijel Palette case to create a fully-featured yet compact introduction to modular synthesizers. Supported by the much-loved electronic musician Andrew Huang, this system is a perfect way to get started exploring the countless colorful sound worlds of Eurorack synthesis.

The system's centerpieces are the Plaits and MCO, two remarkably powerful sound sources. The Mutable Instruments Plaits is a multi-mode oscillator/sound source capable of producing a huge array of sounds, including typical oscillator functions, drum sounds, speech sounds, plucked strings and more—all under voltage control. ALM's MCO, on the other hand, is a morphing wavetable oscillator that provides everything from typical waves and noise to complex, evolving tones. The Tiptop Forbidden Planet provides a Steiner-Parker-style filter capable of everything from smooth lowpass to screeching resonances and fizzy bandpass sounds, while the Xaoc Tallin VCA offers everything from clean dynamic control to gritty distortion. And of course, the Erica Synths Dual FX is a perfect choice for additional processing, with a variety of DSP effects including delays, reverbs, and pitch shifting.

The Make Noise Maths, one of the best-loved Eurorack modules, provides a host of utilities. Maths can produce LFOs, envelopes, and even auxiliary audio oscillators. Additionally, it can act as a signal mixer, envelope follower, logic processor, and much more—while taking up only a modest amount of rack space. Possibly the most useful single module available, Maths provides a strong modulation backbone to any system.

The system is housed in an Intellijel Palette 62hp case, which not only provides a rock-solid enclosure, but also includes two buffered multiples and MIDI and audio I/O jacks. To make the most of these built-in niceties, this system also includes Intellijel's uMidi 1U and Line Out 1U modules, which connect directly to the case's jacks—making it easy to integrate into any studio. Send MIDI over USB, 3.5mm TRS, or 5-pin DIN (with included adapter), and safely send line-level audio out to your interface to make controlling and recording this system a breeze.

This system also includes the Intellijel Noise / Random Tools 1U module for additional unpredictable modulation and voltage processing, as well as the Intellijel Line In 1U for bringing in external audio for altering through the Eurorack's sound processors.

With an assortment of modules carefully selected for their flexibility and ease of integration into any studio or performance rig, the Andrew Huang System is an easy and fun way to get into Eurorack modular synthesis.

Andrew Huang System Features

  • Compact, yet fully-featured Eurorack system
  • Mutable Instruments Plaits for complex sound generation
  • ALM MCO wavetable oscillator for standard synth sounds and beyond
  • Tiptop Forbidden Planet filter for smooth filtering and howling sci-fi synth tones
  • Xaoc Tallin for clean amplification and gritty distortion
  • Erica Synths Dual FX for end-of-chain spatial effects and more
  • Make Noise Maths for modulation, mixing, and beyond
  • Intellijel Line In 1U for external signal input
  • Intellijel Noise / Random Tools for complex modulation
  • Intellijel uMIDI 1U for easy controller & DAW integration
  • Intellijel Stereo Line Out 1U for easy monitoring and recording
  • Housed in silver Intellijel Palette 62hp desktop case
  • Includes 5x 6" and 15x 12" Eurorack patch cables to get you started
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