Analogue SolutionsMegacity 64 Step Analog Sequencer

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Analogue Solutions Megacity

The Analogue Solutions Megacity is a 64-step sequencer featuring true analog circuits, two CV outputs, four gate outputs, a manual gate pushbutton, two CV quantizers, clock division modes, sequence control options, a MIDI out, and much more. It is compatible with Eurorack modular synthesizer systems, though it can be used to control anything that accepts a 3.5mm control voltage. 

Megacity Features

  • True analogue step sequencers using CV pot’s not encoders
  • Analogue CV circuits
  • Massive 64 steps (series mode) or 2 x 32 steps (2 channel parallel mode)
  • 2 CV outputs with Range and Glide (Portamento)
  • 4 Gate outs (2 per channel)
  • 2 CV quantizers
  • MIDI Out
  • Jump and Reset – activate from MIDI note, Push Button and external Gate
  • Fill In and clock divide modes for variation
  • Compatible with Eurorack and most analogue synths with CV/Gate input
  • Voltage controlled clock
  • Many options for sequence control
  • Very easy MIDI sync possible using a dedicated MIDI note
  • Solid steel and aluminium construction
  • High quality sealed potentiometers, sturdy switches
  • Unique green LED matrix style tear drop raining LEDs
  • Hand built in Great Britain
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