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Analogue Solutions Fusebox

The Fusebox is a beastly synthesizer that sports three versatile VCOs, a multimode filter, an interval generator, and has seemingly endless ways to create patterns. Great for artists interested in making intracate melodies, the Fusebox has a built in arppegiagator that can be employed as a sequencer to produce various arrangements. To take it a step further, Analogue Solutions gave users the Patternator which can maniupluate these melodic loops in a variety of different ways - and it sounds amazing.

This powerful analog monosynth is equipped with MIDI to CV converters and clock output that's great for moduluar enthusiasts to connect with their Eurorack gear. There are plenty of CV connections for various modulation capabilities and it's all housed in an ergonomic design. Perfect for both live performance and studio work, the Fusebox is a must have for all musicians.

Fusebox Features

  • Analog monosynth with 3 voltage-controlled oscillators (saw/square waveforms)
  • VCO 1 offers cross modulation and an octave switch
  • VCO 2 has a Wide range switch for a broader tuning range down to LFO frequencies, and also Osc Sync
  • VCO 3 also offers a Wide tuning range and a Triangle wave, and MIDI pitch control can be disabled to use as a free-running oscillator
  • Also equipped with white noise and a sub oscillator (from VCO 3)
  • 12dB multimode filter offers lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch modes
  • Lots of melodic possibilities even without any external control
  • Arpeggiator (with MIDI note out) can also be used as a simple 16-step sequencer
  • Patternator offers unique ways to create and manipulate melodic loops on the fly
  • Interval Generator allows you to transpose patterns on the fly
  • Lots of CV connections for extensive modulation capabilities
  • MIDI to CV converter with clock output for integrating with Eurorack modular rigs

  • 100% Analog
  • MIDI In, Out, Thru
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