AnalogFXSER-2020 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer


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AnalogFX SER-2020

Inspired by the Synton Syrinx with plenty of modern twists, SER-2020 is an analog, semi-modular synthesizer from the cool folks at AnalogFX. At first glance, this might resemble any old monophonic synth out there, but its patchability, MPE capabilities, and unique features derived from the Syrinx make this a one of a kind instrument. Its two CEM3340 oscillators, two LFOs, and two ADSR envelope generators are beautifully complemented by a whopping three VCFs—a rich, four-pole lowpass filter plus two independent resonant peak filters. Like the original Syrinx, this is the key to crafting rich formant-like sounds that you'd be hard-pressed to find in another concise package like this.

Besides the patch points, the SER-2020 shines in its ability to be controlled. The unique bend pad returns from the Syrinx, and may be assigned to various destinations. There's also MIDI through 5-pin DIN and USB connections, with support for MPE for maximum expressive potential. Settle down with a different flavor of East Coast synthesis with the AnalogFX SER-2020.

SER-2020 Features

  • Semi-modular synthesizer based on the Synton Syrinx
  • Dual CEM3340 Oscillators with noise and sub-oscillator
  • Ring modulator
  • 24dB/oct lowpass filter
  • 2x resonant peak filters
  • Dual ADSR envelope generators and LFOs
  • "Touch 'N Bend" controller pad
  • MIDI via USB and 5-pin DIN
  • MPE support
  • Weight: 2.7kg / 5.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 5.25 x 2"
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