Ampersand AmpersandWear & Tear Stereo Cassette Emulator


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Ampersand Ampersand Wear & Tear

Ampersand Ampersand, stylized &&, presents their debut module Wear & Tear, a 14hp stereo cassette emulator that brings warmth and saturation to any rack. More than just a dirty vibrato or chorus, the Wear & Tear faithfully replicates analog tape from just about any era. Its discrete controls for Dust, Noise, Age, and Crinkle work in congress to add texture to your tone. Two built-in filters—highpass and lowpass—give you exceptional control over the audio, each with independent resonance controls. Add that beloved cassette saturation, wow, and flutter, each with their own controls.

Add that beloved cassette saturation, wow, and flutter each with their own controls. Best of all CV controls over Wow and Flutter depth and frequency, filter controls, noise and age add customizable movement. Clock and Stop inputs can help to make rhythmic variations to your audio or patch a control for playability. Clearly labeled and exquisite sounding, the Wear & Tear is perfect for adding lofi grit, destroying your signal, or just giving a little bit of analog style to your system.

Wear & Tear Features

  • Stereo cassette emulator
  • 14 Physical knobs for 28 parameters
  • Built-in lowpass and highpass filters
  • Built-in cassette flavored compressor
  • Wow and Flutter controls
  • Noise, Dust, Age, Crinkle, and Saturation for signal coloration
  • EQ Control
  • CV control for Wow and Flutter frequency and depth, Tape Age, Noise, Crinkle, both Filters, Clock and Stop
  • Web interface for firmware updates
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 145mA @ +12v, 8mA @ -12v
Ampersand Ampersand Wear & Tear Stereo Cassette Emulator Reviews