Alexander PedalsSuper Neo-Matic Modulation Pedal


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Alexander Pedals Super Neo-Matic

Wiggle your way into Super Neo-Matic, a modulation effect from Alexander Pedals filled with awe-inspiring parameters for creating intriguing choruses, singing flangers, and even warped vibratos. The core four parameters found on the Super Neo-Matic determine the basis of modulation, including depth, rate, feedback, and a dry/wet mix control. Centered on the Super Neo-Matic is the wave shape of modulation, determining whether the modulation follows a triangle wave for smooth and reliable modulation or a random wave that steps between a random series of voltages. You can also select whether the audio path follows an 8-bit lofi sound labeled as "vintage" or a more pristine and up-to-date 24-bit audio path labeled "modern".

Introducing neat and performable parameters, you can easily shift to maximum rate and depth controls by engaging the ramp footswitch for latched madness or momentary injections. The time range of the delay can be edited via the alternative range parameter, for defining clean and fast delay times or sloppy and slow ones for shiftier choruses and vibratos. You can swap between four presets on board for a variety of modulation flavors or even extend to 16 presets over MIDI via TRS or USB. Speaking of which, furthering the performability is the multi-jack which can handle expression pedals, the Neo-footswitch for full shifts over all parameters, and full MIDI control over every parameter.

For getting soft and plush pushes of pitch or wild and gloopy delay shifts, look towards the Super Neo-Matic for a wide variety of modulation effects.

Super Neo-Matic Features

  • Charming modulation pedal
  • Able to produce anywhere from standard to wonky chorus, flanger, and vibrato
  • Definable LFO shifting the delay time (triangle or random)
  • Vintage mode is an 8-bit lofi audio path while modern features a clean 24-bit audio path
  • Rate and depth determine the effect on the modulated delay time
  • Feedback can be applied positively or negatively all the way to self oscillation
  • Delay range for tight to loose delay times
  • Ramp footswitch with definable rate of ramping to maximum rate and depth
  • Recall up to four presets from the bypass switch or up to 16 over MIDI
  • Multi-jack for expression pedal, Neo-footswitch, or even MIDI over TRS
  • mini-USB functionality for MIDI control and firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" (H x W x D)
  • Power Specs: 9V DC, 100mA (PSU not included)
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