Alexander PedalsSugarcube Stereo Chorus Pedal


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Alexander Pedals Sugarcube

Bringing the lush and wiggly sounds of modulation to their Neo series, the Sugarcube from Alexander Pedals is a multi-effect pedal focusing on the fantastic world of chorusing. Featuring four different modes, Sugarcube can work as a traditional '70s-style chorus, motionless and flange-type chorus, a rotary effect, a pitch-shifting chorus, and even a rotary effect, with the function and intensity of each parameter varying between modes. Determine the Rate and Depth of modulation at the top of the pedal while blending the dry and wet signal via the Mix control. The Tweak parameter is the butter to the bread for each mode, applying multiple voices, flanging, balancing rotors, and even fifth and octave shifts.

Sugarcube shines outputting either mono or stereo, and the stereo mode can produce true left and right or separate dry and wet signals for further processing. When holding the center select button, Sugarcube accesses additional parameters such as mono/stereo select, output volume, and even the clock rate to get more lofi-timbres. Performatively, Sugarcube on its own can blend between two different positions momentarily or latched via the Ramp footswitch, and the time it takes to blend can be determined within the alt menu. Furthermore, the multi jack offers further control of ramping with an expression pedal, footswitch controls, and even MIDI control.

With preset saving and selection of up to 16 over MIDI via TRS or USB, the Sugarcube is your one-stop shop for creative and vivacious stereo modulation for any instrument.

Sugarcube Features

  • Multi-dimensional modulation pedal
  • Four modulation modes (chorus, dimension, rotary, and ice)
  • Main functions offer control over mix blend, depth and rate of modulation, and a tweak knob specific to each mode
  • Secondary functions open up additional clocking, leveling, and additional settings
  • Bypass footswitch acts as a preset selector (four onboard, up to 16 over MIDI)
  • Ramp footswitch can latch to a new set of control settings or momentary ramp to them
  • Runs in mono or stereo via a TRS cable, with options for stereo left/right or stereo dry/wet
  • Multi-jack for use with Expression pedal, Neo footswitch, or MIDI controller
  • Mini-USB functionality for MIDI control and firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" (H x W x D)
  • Power Specs: 9V DC, 100mA (PSU not included)
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