Alex GrahamThwak! The British Electronic Drums Age


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Alex Graham Thwak!

Thawk! By Alex Graham documents the period from 1978-1994 where British electronic drum companies thrived. Building on the success of American-made electronic drums like the Syndrum and Synare, Dave Simmons created an electronic drum revolution. Simmons' distinctive SDS-V, with its octagonal drum pads, changed the face of the electronic drum market. Joining Simmons in the market were other British companies including Ultimate Percussion, Klone, Cactus, MPC Electronics, AHB, Movement, Seabro, Paragon, and Cheetah. Even acoustic drum maker Premier tried to break into the market with their own electronic products. However by the middle of the 1980's, Simmons would be the only face in the game, and was struggling at that. It ultimately faded into obscurity in 1994, marking the end of an era. Thawk! recounts the rise and fall of these makers and their lasting effects on the world of music.

Thwak! Features

  • Author: Alex Graham
  • Pages: 102
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x .2 x 11"
  • Pages: 102
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