Alex GrahamDrumfax 4 : A Guide to Electronic Drum Kits (1973-1989)


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Alex Graham Drumfax 4

Drumfax 4 by Alex Graham follows the rise of electronic drum kits in popular music. As music became more electronic, drummers wanted to escape the confines of acoustic drum sounds. 1976 brought an end to that wait with the arrival of the Syndrum. Soon other companies began to enter the market, including Dave Simmons. With the help of Richard Burgess of Landscape, he developed the Simmons SDS-V kit. Its immediately recognizable octagonal pads became the staple of many drummers in the 1980's. Drumfax 4 explores electronic drum kits both commercially successful and obscure. It showcases over 200 electronic drum systems in just under 200 pages.

Drumfax 4 Features

  • Author:Alex Graham
  • Pages:198
  • Dimensions:8.5 x .5 x 11"
  • Pages 198
Alex Graham Drumfax 4 : A Guide to Electronic Drum Kits (1973-1989) Reviews