AJH SynthSonic XV Diode Ladder Filter (Silver)


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AJH Synth Sonic XV

The AJH Synth Sonic XV is a diode ladder filter featuring a -24dB/Oct slope alongside some extra features. The module was inspired by the Musonics V filter, but has been optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. 

Some of the new features include voltage controlled resonance, additional bandpass and -6dB/Oct low-pass  outputs, and a waveshaper capable of beefing up sine and triangle waves before they are routed to the filter. The waveshaper can be manipulated manually or via CV and contains three EQ variants. Additionally, there is a second waveshaper implemented in the resonance feedback loop, distorting the resonance far beyond a simple sine wave for added harmonic depth. 

This is the SILVER version of the Sonic XV.

Sonic XV Features

  • Diode Ladder filter
  • -24dB/oct and -6dB/oct lowpass outputs
  • Waveshaper pre-filter
  • Waveshaper within resonance feedback loop
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