AJH SynthFixed Filter Bank 914 (Silver)


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AJH Synth Fixed Filter Bank 914

AJH's FFB914 is a fixed filterbank module for Eurorack synthesizers, inspired by the classic inductor-based Moog 914. With all of the features of the original 914 and then some, the FFB914 is an excellent source for all kinds of effects, from simple colorful filtering to peculiar fading, screaming feedback, and more. The FFB914 offers fourteen filter bands tuned in half-octave increments for a beautiful and highly characteristic sonic response. Several additional features make it quite distinct from the Moog 914 as well, though: a built-in crossfader, integrated feedback path, panning options, and CV input for a host of functions.

The integrated "wet/dry" crossfade function fades between the filterbank's output and the In 2 signal. Input 2 is normalized to the Input 1 jack, so the default function is a continuous crossfade between the "Wet" and "Dry" signals. However, one could patch any signal into input 2 in order to defeat this normalization, allowing for fades between the filterbank and any other signal source. The Mix CV input makes it possible to perform this fading via external CV.

The odd and even bands offer their own summed group outputs, labelled Left and Right, respectively. The Out-Mix control and CV input allow for blending of each "side," for peculiar spectral crossfading tricks.

And of course, the dedicated feedback knob introduces the unit's output back into its own input: at lower settings this comes across as a subtle "thickening" effect, but at higher levels will induce chaotic oscillations very much unlike the typical resonant filter.

AJH consistently brings classic designs into the modern world with a faithful sound and expanded potential: and the FFB914 is a clear extension of that mission.

Fixed Filter Bank 914 Features

  • Fixed filter bank based on Moog's classic 914
  • Inductor-based design for authentic sound
  • Left and right outputs for odd and even bands
  • Dedicated Mix out with odd/even blend and CV control
  • Left and Right outputs can be used in a pseudo-panning configuration
  • All out with Wet/Dry blend and CV control
  • Input 2 is a crossfader input, normalized from Input 1, allowing for easy dry-to-wet fading or crossfading between any external signal and the fixed filters themselves
  • Integrated feedback loop for everything from subtle thickening to extreme self-oscillation
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 180mA @ +12V, 170mA @ -12V
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