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AJH SynthSample Hold & Slew

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AJH Synth Sample Hold & Slew

Sample Hold + Slew from AJH Synths is a powerful module with a disarmingly compact hp width. It emits pseudo-random cv, audio range noise, portamento style effects, audio aliasing, and more. It can easily be switched from Sample & Hold to Track & Hold and features a handy Restrict control that alters the configuration of the Hold output vis-a-vis the current input level and previous output level. When turned off, Sample Hold + Slew will exhibit behavior not unlike that of a traditional sample & hold module. Conversely, when the knob is turned entirely clockwise the module's output moves in smaller increments after each new sample. In this latter configuration, the output still maintains the same range as the former, it just requires more hold commands to achieve the same increments.

True to its name, Sample Hold + Slew also features a slew generator, complete with gated slew functionality. This section can be used independently or in tandem with the S&H section. It is switchable between linear and exponential slew types and features a Gate input for switching got slew on and off with an external cv signal. Making things even crazier, the module's slew logic can be reversed using an adjacent toggle switch that can also be configured as a manual slew on/off switch.

However, this isn't the whole story either. That's because Sample Hold + Slew houses an analog noise generator. Normalized to the S&H input, it features regular and clipped noise jacks, each of which are routed through an integrated Noise Color control. When in its center position, the noise traverses unfiltered, while counter-clockwise and clockwise positions introduce lowpass and highpass filtering respectively.

Finally, Sample Hold + Slew boasts an integrated clock generator with a generous range of one cycle per 30 second intervals to approximately 2kHz. This section is normalized to the Clock input of the S&H.

Sample Hold & Slew Features

  • Sample & Hold, Track & Hold, Slew generator, and both Noise and Clock generators in a single module!
  • Gated slew function
  • Switchable linear and exponential slew
  • Restrict control controls how the output behaves in relation to the current and previous input levels
  • Noise Color control introduces LPF and HPF
  • Clock generator range extends from 1 cycle every 30 seconds to 2kHz
  • Clock output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 55mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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