After Later AudioDirty Laundry Destructive Harmonic Generator


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After Later Audio Dirty Laundry

Designed for decimating your signal in a beautiful way, the Dirty Laundry by After Later Audio is a wavefolder and destructive harmonics generator. Mangle your signal in numerous ways with internal routing options provided by different ways to crossfade internal and external signals. The two main sections are Press and Fold, which are different flavors of wavefolding and have independent outputs The Press, which features a resonant drive circuit for adding grit, can be fed into the Fold side, a Buchla-inspired wavefolder, for truly gnarly sounds. Dirty Laundry also features two inputs with a crossfader at the top with CV control over the blend and a CV controlled blend for the level of Press into Fold. With seven CV patch points, including a VCA, the Dirty Laundry is a fine way to shape unique waveforms.

Dirty Laundry Features

  • Two-sided wavefolder with internal feedback routing
  • Sub switch for deep frequencies
  • Resonant drive circuit with switchable high and low frequency spectrum
  • Two inputs
  • Built-in VCA
  • Buchla-inspired wavefolding
  • CV control over all parameters
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