After Later AudioAdventure Eurorack Case - 7U / 104HP


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After Later Audio Adventure Case 7U

After Later Audio's 7U Adventure Case is a sturdy, affordable solution for your modular synth that needs to be portable and playable. At 104hp wide with two rows for 3U and one row for 1U, you can cram all of your delightly doodads and whirligigs into one amply powered case.

Taking cues from other similar cases, this case also features full size MIDI In/Out/Thru ports along with stereo 1/4" input and outputs with internal connections for all of these jacks. You can even power your USB device with the built-in port. Easily double your case with an expander kit (sold separately) that converts your 7U lid into another 7U case. Built out of powder-coated aluminum with VESA mount threads, the After Later Audio Adventure Case nestles perfectly in your studio or in a shady glade.

Adventure Case 7U Features

  • 7U 104HP Aluminum Eurorack case
  • Built-in MIDI In/Out/Thru 5-pin ports
  • 4x 1/4" Jacks
  • USB Power jack for your devices
  • 3A of power for all voltages
  • 36 Power headers
  • Lid can be converted into a second 7U case
  • Power: 3A at +/-12v and 5v (shared with USB port
  • 20v 6w PSU
  • Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 6.6 in/557mm x 334mm x 169mm
  • 74mm Depth for 1U and clear 3U, 52mm depth for power set 3U row
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