Adventure AudioOuter Rings 2 Ring Modulator


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Adventure Audio Outer Rings 2

Outer Rings 2 from Adventure Audio is a ring modulator pedal like no other. Bypassing the traditional sine waveform as a carrier, Outer Rings 2 is designed around a harmonically rich square wave which results in tones that are more complex and truly out-of-this-world. But that is not the end of the story—Adventure Audio added a second modulation oscillator with its output routed to the frequency of the carrier. This opens up possibilities for effects ranging from slow tidal pitch drifts to audio rate frequency modulation. On top of that the pedal is equipped with a couple of CV inputs for both carrier and mod oscillators, making this pedal perfectly integrate with Eurorack modular synthesizers, and other compatible gear.

Although ring modulators existed since the birth of electronic music, it doesn't mean that innovation in this realm is out of the question. Outer Rings 2 certainly seems to fit this description, and it is guaranteed to infuse any provided sound source with elements of "strange", "weird", and "wild".

Outer Rings 2 Features

  • Square-wave based ring modulator
  • Additional modulation LFO is routed to frequency of the carrier oscillator
  • "Strange" parameter controls feedback amount
  • Pad toggle to reduce the input signal level for operation with "hotter" signals
  • CV inputs for carrier and modulation oscillators' frequency
  • Internal trimmer for the cutoff of a low pass filter to reduce harshness
  • Power: 9VDC Center Negative 250 mA (not included)
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