Adventure AudioDream Reaper Modulated Fuzz Pedal

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Adventure Audio Dream Reaper Modulated Fuzz Pedal

Adventure Audio's Dream Reaper is a potent blend of fuzz, filter, and modulatable feedback that together form a pedal capable of unleashing some of the filthiest and uniquely bizzare tones. The pedal is built around a PLL and fuzz circuits that closely interact with each other to create a wide variety of distorted and glitchy effects. Turning the Dream switch on activates self-oscillation mode rendering the pedal quite effective as a self-sufficient drone/noise synthesizer. However adding any external signal into the mix takes things to a whole new level, with the Reap parameter controlling the strength of the input signal that results in an ongoing wrestling between the oscillating feedback, and fuzzed out external audio source. Add to this a Bias control that defines the level of non-linearity of distortion plus a Filter, and Cutoff controls, and you've got yourself a beautifully responsive, and yet not particularly predictable noise-making companion manifested as a small guitar pedal.

Adventure Audio also implemented a couple of features inspired by feedback effects produced as a result of interaction between a screaming amplifier, and a guitar tone knob. The Force switch on Dream Reaper engages a "pickup emulator", and the Sense parameter acts similarly to the aforementioned tone control on guitars.

While Dream Reaper is clearly an excellent addition to any guitar pedalboard, its flexibility and great tonal variance translates to pretty much any sound source. So go ahead, plug in your cherished synthesizer or a drum machine into it, and be stunned by the amazing results it will deliver.

Dream Reaper Features

  • A PLL, fuzz, and filter pedal perfect for modulated feedback, and a great variety of distorted tones
  • Dream switch activates the self-oscillation mode
  • Reap controls the strength of the input signal as it interacts with oscillating feedback (only active in Dream mode)
  • Bias acts as voltage starvation control
  • Force switch engages "pickup emulator"
  • Sense knob controls the tone of the feedback when Force switch is on
  • Filter alternates between accenting low frequencies on the left, and high frequencies on the right
  • Dedicated Cutoff control for low pass filter
  • Expression pedal input overrides Filter control (Adventure Audio highly recommends using a passive 100K ohm potentiometer expression pedal. The input is not suitable for CV signals)
  • Power: 9VDC Center Negative 10 mA (not included)
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