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ADDAC System 111 - Ultra .Wav Player

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ADDAC 111 - Ultra .Wav Player

Finally, the upgrade to the 101 .Wav Player is here. The ADDAC 111 Ultra .Wav Player boasts all the functions that made the original a classic, while implementing a slew of new functions and ever better control. Rather than SD cards, the 111 uses Micro SD for a more compact design with greater ease-of-use.

Additionally, users can purchase the 111b Expansion Module in order to recall the first 8 samples using trigger signals, allowing them to be sequenced in accordance with the trigger dispersion. 

111 - Ultra .Wav Player Features

  • Dedicated controls for file selection:
  • Individual skip with state (up or down)  
  • Independent random gate in
  • CV input (all files mapped to 0-5v, allows sequencing of files)
  • Dedicated loop settings state (one shot / loop) with external control
  • Dedicated sample rate on/off state with external control
  • Sample rate now also allows bipolar inputs
  • Implemented 1v/oct sample rate, from -4 to +1 octave,
  • Implemented loop points feature, which can store a loop inside a loop or a an independent loop also with external control, operates like dj cd players loop function, press 1 marks loop start, press second time marks end point and starts looping. With on/off state and external control.
  • The expansion also allows instant skip to the first 8 wav files in the card, allowing gate sequencing wav files.
  • Eurorack
  • Width: 16 HP
  • Depth: 3 cm
  • CV inputs: ± 5v
  • CV outputs: 0 +10v
  • Max current: 150mA
  • Compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies
  • Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector
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