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ACL VC Dual Amp

ACL presents the VC Dual Amp Eurorack module, a dual VCA that features very low harmonic distortion and no crossover distortion. Because of this, it delivers an uncommonly high level of clarity, perfect for any synthesist/audiophile.

The VCA features a simple and direct front panel design that emphasizes functionality. Both VCAs feature a gain potentiometer and an attenuverter as well as inputs for CV and audio. The VC Dual Amp features separate outputs for each of its VCAs and a mix section. The mix section is comprised of an AUX input and the SUM output, which provides a summed version of both VCA signals and the aux input. The convergence of these features forms an incredible module that will make any audiophile's ears perk up!

VC Dual Amp Features

  • Dual VCA
  • Individual Outputs for both VCA's
  • Aux Input
  • Sum output mixes Aux input and VCA signals together
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 22mm Depth
  • Current draw: Current Draw:TBA
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