AbletonPush 2 Control Surface

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Ableton Push 2

Ableton’s Push 2 Control Surface offers seamless integration with Live. The controller excels at all manners of playing and programming, including beats, synths, and controlling the software, which it accomplishes simultaneously. It features three different modes: Slice mode, One Shot mode, and Classic mode, which offer different workflow configurations depending on user preference. 

In terms of design philosophy, the goal behind the Push 2 was to create a compositional powerhouse that allows one to produce music without so much as looking at a computer monitor. The Push 2 is a highly-capable performance instrument that’s essential in both studio and stage settings.

Push 2 Features

  • Hardware instrument for hands-on playability with Ableton Live
  • Play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation
  • New sampling workflows: slice, play and manipulate samples from Push
  • Large multicolour display adapts to show what you need
  • 64 sensitive and playable backlit pads 
  • 8 touch-sensitive encoders for controlling mixer, devices and instruments, and Live browser navigation
  • Clip launch mode for live performance and arrangement recording
  • Scales mode offers unique approach to playing notes and chords
  • Includes Live Intro for new users
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  • Push hardware
  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz with interchangeable heads for North/Central America & Japan (Type A), China (Type A & I),  Europe (Type C), UK (Type G), Australia & New Zealand (Type I)
  • USB cable 1.40m (55.12 inches)
  • Quick Start Guide + Download version of Live 9


  • Width: 370mm (14.57 inches)
  • Depth: 293mm (11.54 inches)
  • Height (body): 26mm (1.02 inches), (body + encoders): 46mm (1.81 inches)
  • Weight: 2990g (6.6 pounds)


  • External Power: 12V DC 1.25A
  • USB Power: 5V/0.5A
  • Two pedal inputs
  • Kensington Lock


  • The upper shell is a thick but lightweight plate of anodized aluminum


  • Soft silicon pads, carefully calibrated to respond perfectly at any velocity
  • RGB backlighting


  • The control buttons gently click and are lit with white or multi-colored LEDs to indicate a variety of states


  • High-resolution endless encoders that respond to touch


  • The high-resolution RGB display is bright and clear at any viewing angle and under any lighting


  • 17cm touch strip for pitch bend/scrolling
  • 31 LEDs for navigation
Product Demo Videos
Ableton Live CV Tools Controlling Eurorack Modular Synthesizers
Ableton Live CV Tools allows you to generate CV control signals for your analog and modular gear. You will need the CV Tools pack which can be downloaded for free and a DC coupled audio interface. We used a MOTU audio interface for this video.

In this video we used and Ableton Push 2 to control Ableton Live which was generating the drum sounds and control voltages to modulate and sequence the Intellijel Atlantis eurorack synthesizer voice. The Atlantis is run through the WMD/SSF DPLR delay which is also modulated by CV Tools.
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