2hpSynth Voice Lunchbox Modular System


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2hp Synth Voice Lunchbox

Combining all the essential elements of a modular synthesizer voice, the Synth Voice Lunchbox from 2HP is a great starter system. The analog VCO is the primary sound source for the system, providing three different waveforms and several modulation possibilities. Run any of those waveforms into the MMF, multi-mode filter. This filter features simultaneous low pass, bandpass, and high pass outputs with CV control over cutoff and resonance. Control the overall amplitude or volume of your signals using the dual VCA.

Add modulation to any of these modules using the dedicated ADSR envelope that provides a contoured control voltage for dynamically shaping filter cutoff, oscillator pitch, or VCA amplitude. Pair this setup with a simple sequencer or CV-equipped keyboard, and you have the essentials of a modular system with room to expand.

Synth Voice Lunchbox Features

  • Complete synthesizer voice
  • Analog VCO with triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waveforms
  • Multi-mode filter with low pass, bandpass, and high pass outputs
  • Dual VCA
  • ADSR envelope
  • Comes in a powered lunchbox case
  • TBD
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