2hpPicnic Basket Modular System


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2hp Picnic Basket

Chock-full of 2HP's compact modules, the Picnic Basket is their flagship Lunchbox case, containing eight multifaceted and inspiring modules. It's the perfect way to get started with modular, or as a way to add a few more modules and a portable case to your setup.

VCO is an analog oscillator with multiple waveform outputs and pulse width modulation. Fantastic as a source of physical modeling and Karplus-Strong sounds, Pluck recreates a plucked string's characteristics with up to four-voice polyphony. Kick is a powerful percussion source capable of a vast range of bass drum sounds and features 1V/oct tracking. MMF, or multi-mode filter, is an analog fully voltage-controllable filter with low pass, high pass, and band pass outputs. Verb is a lush sounding stereo reverb that captures the feeling of a reverberant space, from tiny rooms to huge sounding halls.

An excellent melodic sequencer, Seq is a 16-step sequencer with multiple playback modes, portamento, and eight preset scales. ADSR is a straightforward, four-stage envelope generator that provides contoured envelopes. Add a bit of unpredictability to your patches with Rnd, a random voltage and gate source, with independent smooth and quantized random outputs. Loaded with compact and useful modules, the Picnic Basket is a portable modular system that is sure to inspire creativity.

Picnic Basket Features

  • Fully-fledged modular system
  • Eight of 2HP's most popular modules
  • VCO analog oscillator with multiple waveforms
  • Pluck Karplus-Strong physical modeling voice
  • Kick percussion source with a wide range of sounds
  • MMF multimode 12dB/oct filter
  • Verb stereo reverb adds space and dimension to sounds
  • Seq 16-step sequencer with portamento and quantization
  • ADSR four-stage envelope
  • Rnd random voltage and gate source
  • Expand this selection of modules with other Eurorack modules
  • Comes in powered Lunchbox case
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