1010 MusicMX4 Buffered MIDI Multiple


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1010 Music MX4

The MX4, from 1010 Music, is a buffered multiple that utilizes TRS jacks to allow it to work with 3.5mm MIDI jacks, popular in today's modern modular environment. Products such as 1010 Music's other modules, the Arturia Beatstep Pro, and Novation products, can now be split to control many different modules in the Eurorack realm. Included are two MIDI to 3.5mm adapters, two 3.5mm TRS cables for patching out of the MIDI out into the MIDI in of another module (i.e. 1010 Music Bitbox). 

MX4 Features

  • Buffered Mult
  • TRS jacks for 3.5mm MIDI Jacks
  • Works with all 1010 Music Products
  • Works with Arturia's Beat Step Pro
  • Works with Novation products
  • Includes two MIDI adapters and two 3.5mm TRS cables
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